This will be my last blog piece. Blip billboards wants me to keep submitting to other billboards. I am not willing to do that as I am fairly certain there might not be one billboard owner in the country that would post an anti-gambling campaign. I did give them permission to try. If they findContinue reading “GOODBYE”


Happy Labor Day. I added the Unholy Ghosts video because I was recently introduced to the song and video. The video stands on its own though Labor Day might be a stretch, except for the lyrics,” it’s the ones who are destined to get left behind that interest me the most”. If the Joel EmmanuelContinue reading “(JUST) AFSCME”


Billboards up and down the roads to casinos. Media campaign of ads across the spectrum. Media campaign of voices of people affecting by legalized gambling. All of the campaigns speaking loud and clear that legalized gambling is an addiction that harms individuals, families, communities, and the governmental bodies that are as addicted as any individual.Continue reading “I’M FANTASIZING AGAIN”

WHO IS GOING TO WRITE THE HISTORY… Trigger warning: I am not neutral at the wanton destructive actions of the red state governors and covid-19/vaccine deniers. She, Norma, is a treasure. The oral history is a treasure. We will have much written about the inanities of the deathly lack of reality in dealing with Covid-19 from the beginning of the pastContinue reading “WHO IS GOING TO WRITE THE HISTORY…”


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