Mums and Dads

I did not take Larkin’s advice. I have two children. I will have lunch with them today. I have a wonderful relationship with them. Yet, I know that I have been part of systems that will affect them forever. What has been been cool to watch is that they are making their own way inContinue reading “Mums and Dads”


I am in awe of Nightbirde. After my last post my friend Renee commented on the post and sent me a link to the clip. I have admitted to being judgmental in previous posts. I can be a pretend elitist who would not ever watch AGT. While I will still not watch the show IContinue reading “THE 2% SOLUTION”


I do not have cancer. I am grateful not to have cancer. I also know that while I do not have cancer many others do. Many are my dear friends. While I waited three weeks from the PSA test result that triggered the MRI I took yesterday my mind went in many different directions. NeverContinue reading “GRATITUDE”


  This is from a blog by Loren WebsterCarver’s “Gravy” I’ll have to admit that purely for personal reasons, Carver’s “Gravy” is probably my favorite poem. Those few who were reading “In a Dark Time” in December of 2001 will remember that I was diagnosed with throat cancer and told I would be dead in lessContinue reading “GRAVY”

THE SPORTS OF KINGS AND WHATEVER THE REST OF US ARE CALLED NOWADAYS The above article speaks in a strong voice how animals are abused for money and fame. And, to be fair, we horse bettors are just as much to blame. I have not been to a race track in about 40 years and bet on a horse race in over 20. I have no plansContinue reading “THE SPORTS OF KINGS AND WHATEVER THE REST OF US ARE CALLED NOWADAYS”

Hello Canada

Problem Gambling Helplines in Canada Confidential and open 24 hours a day. Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission Helpline1-866-332-2322 British Columbia ­ Problem Gambling Information and Referral Service1-888-795-6111 Manitoba Gambling Helpline1-800-463-1554 New Brunswick Problem Gamblers Hotline1-800-461-1234 Newfoundland and Labrador Helpline1-888-899-4357 Nova Scotia Toll-Free Gambling Helpline1-888-347-8888 Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Helpline 1-800-265-3333 Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline1-888-230-3505 Prince EdwardContinue reading “Hello Canada”


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