This will be my last blog piece. Blip billboards wants me to keep submitting to other billboards. I am not willing to do that as I am fairly certain there might not be one billboard owner in the country that would post an anti-gambling campaign. I did give them permission to try.

If they find a billboard I will keep the site online. If not, I will take the site off the world wide web. Either way I will not keep writing.

I am in transition mode. In the different paths I might find myself on some have a direct connection to casinosarenotyourfriend, some do not. I think all the paths have the spirit of casinosarenotyourfriend.

I wish you all the best. I am grateful for your joining me these past months.

in peace and love


that an ad talking about peace of mind would get rejected by a billboard company. It was rejected by two sites. I guess I will have to wait until I can afford my own billboard or legalized gambling is given the respect it is due, as a harmful activity for individuals, families, and communities.

This was not a surprise to me. Google Greenpeace and AT&T billboards. It happens to the best of them.

in peace and love


If I edited the previous post you would probably not see the edit. While I stand by my beliefs in the god… segment I was not clear in stating that those are my beliefs and I do not claim that my beliefs are any sort of truth. More importantly, I do not wish to diminish your beliefs. I have been wrong in way too many times and ways in my life to have any trust that my beliefs are a truth, even to myself.

The only truth I am holding on to at the moment is, Casinos are Not your Friend

in peace and love


In my amended home page I mentioned that the blog might be considered by some to be political due to my Covid-19 pieces. I forgot about the insurrection pieces. I know I take some risk in writing about my views when the focus of the blog is giving voice to/advocating for individuals, families, and communities in relationship to legalized gambling. I understand that the following might change your mind about following the blog in the future.

The picture is the proposed billboard. I like the connections in the design between a slot and reality. Still need approval from the billboard owners. I will let you know.

I had a friend who is struggling with sobriety ask two questions/two manners of help from a group we participate in. He asked for contact info to use in times of cravings. I personally know he has used contacts in the past as I have talked with him as he drove home past liquor stores. He also asked about benefits we have experienced from sobriety/abstinence.

My response to him (I just reread it) was about living with both clarity and with an acceptance of ambiguity. I have not experienced much peace of mind. I have experienced some. My path in recovery has been an exploration of self and systems. I do not find much peace/serenity in living in these times even with my privilege and seemingly good fortune. A friend sent me links to a movie about the Jan 6 insurrection and Covid-19. I am reading a book about the founding of the CIA. I have learned much from Noam Chomsky and others. In moments of time I wish I was wrong and there was an all loving god, a great spirit, some higher power who seemed to give a heck and did not fall back on “free will”. We have enough data that “free will” in the context of religion is not congruent with “all loving”. Free Will is a part of the human condition.

So what does “peace of mind” look to me at those moments where I feel some serenity. It is an acceptance of the realities of the human condition along with nature and a feeling of compassion for myself and others while attempting to advocate for myself and others. I do that best when I am sober and abstinent.

The real jackpot? Your peace of mind!

One step closer. The above is the wording for a blip billboard. The next step is a design. I have already chosen a budget and sites so the blips may be up soon. I will let you know when that happens. I added material to the home page that I hope better explains what one might expect from the blog. That is my goal, one extra read. Everything after that will be Gravy.

in peace and love


Happy Labor Day. I added the Unholy Ghosts video because I was recently introduced to the song and video. The video stands on its own though Labor Day might be a stretch, except for the lyrics,” it’s the ones who are destined to get left behind that interest me the most”.

If the Joel Emmanuel Haggland and Laura Jane Addams of the world did not care about those “destined to get left behind” the world would be worse off than it is now. And sadly, it is still destiny for many to be left behind. It makes you wonder why large corporations fight so hard to stay union free when their workers are underpaid and treated with no regard to their safety, physically and emotionally. I probably phrased that last sentence incorrectly, it is way too easy to understand greed and hubris. That is still happening while recent studies say that many people think Unions are important.

If you asked me if gamblers should have a voice/seat at the table of “stakeholders” when States/Municipalities decide on legalizing gambling and setting regulations I give you a resounding yes. Maybe even a Union.

in peace and love


Billboards up and down the roads to casinos. Media campaign of ads across the spectrum. Media campaign of voices of people affecting by legalized gambling. All of the campaigns speaking loud and clear that legalized gambling is an addiction that harms individuals, families, communities, and the governmental bodies that are as addicted as any individual.

This blog was started because I do not have the funds to do the above. My first thought was the billboard idea, CASINOS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.

I have a friend who is early in his recovery who is wise in his awareness of his own recovery, the systems in place that hinder recovery for some/many, and the lack of a voice for those mentioned above who are suffering from legalized gambling. I include governmental bodies in the suffering category. We need new voices that have a fresh perspective on effecting change in the system of legalized gambling that protects people from the devastation of such gambling. Those voices are not chosen based on “time” they are chosen based on passion and vision.

I want to again express my gratitude to those of you that follow this blog. I have been happy staying small in numbers while strong in the support I feel in knowing that people are reading. I am not asking you for the millions a concerted campaign(s) might cost. I am asking you for ideas. Ideas on how to create and fund a campaign. I will do my best to change the narrative from “fantasy” to vision as I focus on creating and funding campaigns.

in peace and love


I am against the death penalty. I am against war. I am privileged. I have not been faced with war and the death penalty. I do not know how I would stand up to either though I might not be the guy you want with you in dealing with either situation. I have been with four people when they took their last breath all natural deaths (if there is such a thing). I have walked some paths with people on their way to dying from their alcohol use.

In the previous post’s link I think the husband of his wife who was discharged early as she was being treated for effects of stage-4 cancer had every right to pose those questions to anti-vaxxers. Period.

I struggle with my struggle in having compassion for those filling our hospitals because they either believe or have have eaten the disinformation about Covid-19 and vaccines. I project that many of those people would be against universal healthcare. I am pretty sure that those selling them on those dangerous ideas are vaccinated and have quality health insurance. Those selling those ideas are often the people who are elected to serve people.

What to do with that struggle? I do not take pleasure in watching the carnage and the secondary effects as the wife in the linked video of the previous post experienced. I do not know that I can ask the questions any better than her husband. I am privileged to be able to take precautions against the pandemic while knowing that I am at risk because of the pandemic itself and because of those willing to gamble with other’s lives.

Compassion: “to suffer together” with feelings of helping others to relieve their suffering…

in peace and love


Trigger warning: I am not neutral at the wanton destructive actions of the red state governors and covid-19/vaccine deniers.

She, Norma, is a treasure. The oral history is a treasure. We will have much written about the inanities of the deathly lack of reality in dealing with Covid-19 from the beginning of the past administration. From the neocons who decided that power and money are more important than the lives of the masses. The risks they take in gambling with lives is worse than the casinos. Let the history be told by those who live it. Not some pundits/historians.

in peace and love


TRIGGER WARNING: I do not how the song might be triggering though only you can decide that. It is about God loving drunks. As I mentioned in the previous post I am a random walk person. I do not have a god or higher power I believe in. I have taught Sunday School in a Unitarian Church. One year I taught a class on Jesus as a human figure. Whether we believe in Jesus, or any of the other 3,000 gods (Ricky Gervais said so it must be true), I would like to believe that god would endorse the song. I think I have written about Richard Thomson and this song in a previous post. One of the greats period. One of the greats from a period when I was imprinted in my musical taste. That being said I tried to link you to Norma Waterson’s version of the song but I was not allowed to. Check it out if you like the song.

The song fits with the Vancouver Model spirit and my view of humanity when we break stigmas and explore the humanity of each other. Using Mate’s theory of childhood trauma I should have empathy/compassion/love for those I believe not only have bad ideas/their ideas and beliefs are hurting/killing people. Sometimes they die themselves as in the case of recent Covid-19 deaths. That saddens me.

Do you think that casinos consider you human or are you a commodity that is needed as a source of money?

in peace and love