Update on Blush: Around one am Sunday December 20,2020 Blush took her last breath. She had a diabetic episode(s) that led to Ketoacidosis which was a sign that the diabetes had become too much for her to live with. It is always a daunting decision making the choice when to end a life, whether a human or a pet. It was sad to see her go though she was not in pain or anxious at the end. Her body was too far gone for her to come back. I will be ever grateful for my time with her.

Original post: One path in recovery leads us to connection. Blush is 10 years old. We have been together for six months. Before that time she lived in a shelter for seven years where even though she was well taken care of and loved…she was in a shelter. Recovery gives us the opportunity to get out of the feedback loop of life being about only us.

In peace


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