In my amended home page I mentioned that the blog might be considered by some to be political due to my Covid-19 pieces. I forgot about the insurrection pieces. I know I take some risk in writing about my views when the focus of the blog is giving voice to/advocating for individuals, families, and communities in relationship to legalized gambling. I understand that the following might change your mind about following the blog in the future.

The picture is the proposed billboard. I like the connections in the design between a slot and reality. Still need approval from the billboard owners. I will let you know.

I had a friend who is struggling with sobriety ask two questions/two manners of help from a group we participate in. He asked for contact info to use in times of cravings. I personally know he has used contacts in the past as I have talked with him as he drove home past liquor stores. He also asked about benefits we have experienced from sobriety/abstinence.

My response to him (I just reread it) was about living with both clarity and with an acceptance of ambiguity. I have not experienced much peace of mind. I have experienced some. My path in recovery has been an exploration of self and systems. I do not find much peace/serenity in living in these times even with my privilege and seemingly good fortune. A friend sent me links to a movie about the Jan 6 insurrection and Covid-19. I am reading a book about the founding of the CIA. I have learned much from Noam Chomsky and others. In moments of time I wish I was wrong and there was an all loving god, a great spirit, some higher power who seemed to give a heck and did not fall back on “free will”. We have enough data that “free will” in the context of religion is not congruent with “all loving”. Free Will is a part of the human condition.

So what does “peace of mind” look to me at those moments where I feel some serenity. It is an acceptance of the realities of the human condition along with nature and a feeling of compassion for myself and others while attempting to advocate for myself and others. I do that best when I am sober and abstinent.


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