Happy Labor Day. I added the Unholy Ghosts video because I was recently introduced to the song and video. The video stands on its own though Labor Day might be a stretch, except for the lyrics,” it’s the ones who are destined to get left behind that interest me the most”.

If the Joel Emmanuel Haggland and Laura Jane Addams of the world did not care about those “destined to get left behind” the world would be worse off than it is now. And sadly, it is still destiny for many to be left behind. It makes you wonder why large corporations fight so hard to stay union free when their workers are underpaid and treated with no regard to their safety, physically and emotionally. I probably phrased that last sentence incorrectly, it is way too easy to understand greed and hubris. That is still happening while recent studies say that many people think Unions are important.

If you asked me if gamblers should have a voice/seat at the table of “stakeholders” when States/Municipalities decide on legalizing gambling and setting regulations I give you a resounding yes. Maybe even a Union.

in peace and love

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