Billboards up and down the roads to casinos. Media campaign of ads across the spectrum. Media campaign of voices of people affecting by legalized gambling. All of the campaigns speaking loud and clear that legalized gambling is an addiction that harms individuals, families, communities, and the governmental bodies that are as addicted as any individual.

This blog was started because I do not have the funds to do the above. My first thought was the billboard idea, CASINOS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.

I have a friend who is early in his recovery who is wise in his awareness of his own recovery, the systems in place that hinder recovery for some/many, and the lack of a voice for those mentioned above who are suffering from legalized gambling. I include governmental bodies in the suffering category. We need new voices that have a fresh perspective on effecting change in the system of legalized gambling that protects people from the devastation of such gambling. Those voices are not chosen based on “time” they are chosen based on passion and vision.

I want to again express my gratitude to those of you that follow this blog. I have been happy staying small in numbers while strong in the support I feel in knowing that people are reading. I am not asking you for the millions a concerted campaign(s) might cost. I am asking you for ideas. Ideas on how to create and fund a campaign. I will do my best to change the narrative from “fantasy” to vision as I focus on creating and funding campaigns.

in peace and love

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