TRIGGER WARNING: I do not how the song might be triggering though only you can decide that. It is about God loving drunks. As I mentioned in the previous post I am a random walk person. I do not have a god or higher power I believe in. I have taught Sunday School in a Unitarian Church. One year I taught a class on Jesus as a human figure. Whether we believe in Jesus, or any of the other 3,000 gods (Ricky Gervais said so it must be true), I would like to believe that god would endorse the song. I think I have written about Richard Thomson and this song in a previous post. One of the greats period. One of the greats from a period when I was imprinted in my musical taste. That being said I tried to link you to Norma Waterson’s version of the song but I was not allowed to. Check it out if you like the song.

The song fits with the Vancouver Model spirit and my view of humanity when we break stigmas and explore the humanity of each other. Using Mate’s theory of childhood trauma I should have empathy/compassion/love for those I believe not only have bad ideas/their ideas and beliefs are hurting/killing people. Sometimes they die themselves as in the case of recent Covid-19 deaths. That saddens me.

Do you think that casinos consider you human or are you a commodity that is needed as a source of money?

in peace and love

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