1,200,000,000 dollars. That is what Forbes stated the billionaires made during the pandemic, Jan 2020 thru April 2021. I believe much of that was made because The Fed changed the rules in midstream to benefit the financial markets which benefit the billionaires in ways the rest of us cannot imagine.

The ProPublica article linked above is stark reminder of the skewed balance in raising money to keep (at least try to keep) our society functioning. The UK article shows another imbalance, losses from gamblers that do not benefit society. In fact those losses are a burden on individuals, families, communities…

The US Senate is a hindrance to finding solutions to to fixing imbalances to keep our communities safe. 3,500,000,000 dollars is a big number. That is the number that Republicans are delaying to even have a debate on. That is after giving the billionaires a 2,000,000,000 dollar tax cut when they were in power. Add that to the 1,200,000,000 dollars the billionaires made while over 600,000 people died of Covid, unemployment dramatically increased, and most people suffered in many different ways and we have a no brainer way to fund the needs of society. Except, Warren Buffet believes him giving his money away to foundations is better than funding the government. I call bs and hubris.

I have always paid my taxes. When I made a lot of money my accountant would shake his head at me for not finding ways to avoid or defer paying taxes. It is not that hard. I wasn’t going to make a big dent in infrastructure improvements but the billionaires can. And Congress can by changing the tax code. And the legal bookies can make a difference by being levied fees or taxes for the treatment of the people, families, and communities they are harming. That to takes the will of governing bodies to be responsible to society.

in peace and love

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