Look at that smile. Is he looking at a picture of a little one, a pet? Did he receive a letter from a long lost lover or friend? Maybe he is reading the joke a day that he so enjoys. Maybe he is writing a gratitude list. Maybe…

Just maybe he meets criteria for a gambling disorder. Just maybe, no make that definitely, the State, the Lottery, and their ad agency are abusive predators who are willing to use an actor portraying a person with a gambling disorder to sell tickets.

Can you imagine if a beer/liquor commercial (they are bad enough already) used a portrayal of someone under the influence to sell their products. The FTC would not allow it. There would be viral notice of it. Not gambling though. I believe that some of the reasons that is the case are; gambling is pervasive in our society, it is not understood as a disorder, the State is greedy and addicted.

I left a message on the Illinois State Lottery phone line. I mentioned that I am a counselor with lived experience who would like to talk to someone about the commercial. What do you think? Will I get a call back?

If you have any ideas or experience in bringing this to a larger audience please share with me or do it on your own. Please keep me up if you take action.

in peace and love

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