I used to be able to stretch out on the couch without the risk of trying to move an unmovable sentient being and not think about getting slobbered on. I used to wash my jeans every month or so. I used to have clean the floors weekly. I used to have dogs, thinking of you Blush, that did not need to be wiped down after eating or drinking or, like me, start drooling at the thought of food.

My brother, nephew, and I were on the look out for a dog. My nephew, a 24-year old bundle of joy, has needs, such as 24-hour care, loves dogs, has always been around dogs. He can be a little rough on dogs so it takes a certain sized dog with the right temperament. Chester fits that description. Who would have thought a stray from Texas, he flew up to Wisconsin three weeks ago, would be the one. He has proven to be the one. He is not out to hurt anyone. He doesn’t even seem interested in the critters we encounter on his walks.

The State of Illinois has the most insulting ad campaign on the air at this moment. While I disagree with their feeding the fantasies of the public it fits some ever so small sense of decency. Or, not. The ad they are showing now where a man sitting in his car scratching a ticket is indecent. The man as we know is probably scratching off his second, third, hundredth ticket of the day. He is sitting in his car that is being slammed into by a new driver. He is oblivious to being slammed as he is repeatedly being hit. He looks like he has no mental capacity. My nephew has a 38 IQ. The scratcher looks similar. We know people lose connection to their pre fontal cortex when they cross the line into disordered gambling. In truth the ad can be used to represent disordered gambling. But, they are using the ad as a positive thing. Are they now admitting they are preying on those who suffer from their gambling along with the family, friends, and communities affected by that gambling?


in peace and love

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