Pew Research’ recent 2018/2019 surveys on religious beliefs and affiliations found the fasted growing group a combination of people called Nones. They might be atheists, agnostics, or have no interest in affiliated religions. One survey I saw had the Nones splitting the top spot with Catholics and Evangelicals with all of them around 23% of the US population.

If you google Nuns, gambling, embezzlement you will read at least two stories of Nuns stealing money to gamble. You might think if a casino saw a woman, older in age, maybe with religious garb losing hundred of thousand of dollars they might have stepped. NOTHING is more likely in my thinking.

I connect the Ns because any addiction or comfort-seeking behavior will cross socio-economic divide with the understanding the effects are hardest are on the lower economic systems.

My mantra is that Casinos add nothing beneficial to the social fabric across all the Ns and society as a whole.

in peace and love

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