I am in awe of Nightbirde. After my last post my friend Renee commented on the post and sent me a link to the clip. I have admitted to being judgmental in previous posts. I can be a pretend elitist who would not ever watch AGT. While I will still not watch the show I have a newfound respect for the way they treated Nightbirde, beautiful voice non-withstanding.

As I heard Nightbirde mention that she has a 2% survival rate with an equanimity beyond my comprehension/ability I am reminded of the differences and similarities in the recovery from cancer and addiction (comfort-seeking behaviors from trauma and dysfunction in another view). One similarity is a numbers game. I have dear friends who have way outlived their cancer diagnoses. I have had friends die at or around their diagnosis date. I know that the numbers measuring abstinence/sobriety “success” sometimes seem daunting to find healthy outcomes for those who find their, and their loved one’s, lives negatively affected by the addiction cycle.

One reason I am not going to give numbers at this point is that Nightbirde reminds us that we are all individuals. Maybe without as beautiful of a voice or equanimity, maybe you do.

in peace and love

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