I do not have cancer. I am grateful not to have cancer. I also know that while I do not have cancer many others do. Many are my dear friends.

While I waited three weeks from the PSA test result that triggered the MRI I took yesterday my mind went in many different directions. Never did my mind go to making a bet. There were some thoughts of drugs when my mind leaped to pain management. Because I host a few zoom meetings solo I had been talking about the possibility of the meetings ending if…

So now that I know I do not have late stage prostate cancer (my mind did go there at times) I accept that I do not have a due date for my death. So what do I do with that data? My plan is to start digging deeper in my own healthy being which includes being parts of other’s lives as they navigate their life. In the recovery world that includes “carrying the message”. I will use this blog and newer versions of recovery meetings to be part of the process.

in peace and love

One thought on “GRATITUDE

  1. Thank you for putting this post on Gratitude out there. It challenged and inspired me. I really like how you framed your good news by posing the question “So what do I do with that data.” That’s a powerful question for each of us to ponder.

    Along these lines, check out the following performance on AGT last night:


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