I have over a 40% chance of not having Prostate Cancer. Yes, that means I have over a 50% chance of having Prostate Cancer. I will go with the 40% chance. You might be wondering why I would write this piece before I know for sure one way or the other. I had someone in recovery once accuse me (my interpretation) of being obsessed with my prostate. The main reason is that I wanted to share the poem in the previous post. I want to thank Carver, Loren and my dear friend Chet for the poem. Carver for writing the poem, Loren for sharing the poem in the context of his cancer experience, and Chet for introducing me to the work of Carver and Gravy.

I have not made a bet or used drugs in a little while. My path to abstinence has not been a straight line. I admire those who quit and found a calm, peaceful life without a relapse. I have relapsed both in and out of recovery. I have been able to experience the taste of gravy (if you can accept vegan gravy as a thing) and also have experienced lumpy gravy.

I have mentioned many times the benefits to my recovery I have received by being in a cancer support group. I, or anyone in the group, do not wish to have cancer. On the other hand, why not me? I have a high PSA score and by a sibling having prostate cancer I am in the over 50% category. I am also an aging male.

I am grateful to have people in different areas of support groups. I am grateful to be in stable recovery where instead of either accepting the lumps in the gravy or working on the lumps I develop an urge to make a bet or do some drugs. And to add to that, if I do get an urge I do not have to go to the proverbial/metaphoric casino. I have you and others around the world to communicate with.

in peace and love

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