The above article speaks in a strong voice how animals are abused for money and fame. And, to be fair, we horse bettors are just as much to blame. I have not been to a race track in about 40 years and bet on a horse race in over 20. I have no plans to change either of those numbers by making a bet. I also know that for my recovery/quality of life that I do not plan on following the the industry except when a story such as the above reminds me of the damage I did to others-family, friends, horses.

I have been sitting on my hands waiting for a story to tell. Warren Buffet/Robinhood, Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein, politics aglore (not a real word for you scrabble players but it sounds royal) and aglare, sports betting, any betting…

I think the article above triggered personal thoughts about how I have developed different views on how others serve me. When I was gambling or following sports I did not care about the suffering of “players” whether they be fighting in a ring, falling off horses or were horses themselves, be developing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) brain damage from many sporting events. I now do not watch football at any level, fighting in any form of sporting event (a less than truthful answer from someone who watches Korean crime shows that certainly depict violence from martial arts), or an auto race that might have multiple crashes in any given race. I only watch baseball (one teams games only) that has a projectile being slung at others at 80-100 mph. Yes, I am a hypocrite and I am judgmental.

in peace and love

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