Not the millionaires, billionaires, the White Sox and sadly us. A small sample size survey on beer consumption at Major League Baseball games has gotten some recent headlines. White Sox fans reported drinking the most beer a games. Keep in mind that it was done by an online gambling site, the average age of the participants was 36, small sample size as mentioned, and it did not claim to be a research project. Interestingly, the gender breakdown was 58% male, 42% female. Tells me more females are betting sports than I might have guessed at this point in the progression of legalized casino/sports betting.

You can look at blood alcohol content charts online. If you drink you might want to get a sense of where you might be on any given moment after having a drink(s). When is it safe to drive with, or without, children in your car after drinking? If you do not have children in your car there certainly are children in other cars on the road. My point is not that you should not drink (though some of us choose not to drink for many reasons). Just do not drive if you have a drink and there is still liquor in your blood system. The body metabolizes liquor at .015 blood alcohol count (bac) an hour. So, if you had a drink at .03 bac and waited two hours you should be at 0 bac. Someone having four beers (16oz) at a four hour baseball game is close to the legal limit (male) or over the legal limit (female). And, for every participant in the survey that endorsed having less than four beers there were others who had more than four.

Read the charts for better information. Know that other factors affect any impairment you might have, such as, prescription drugs, level of tiredness, level of stress…I have asked police officers if they have ever stopped anyone under the influence of gambling. I usually get puzzled looks and a few chuckles. Of course many of us were impaired when driving after the negative, maybe positive, effects of our gambling. It is not only alcohol. I am not looking forward to the opening of sports betting in ballparks. I might never go to a game again at that level. I can watch my 40-year old nephew play amateur ball.

And, then we have eight Democrats vote against a $15 minimum wage. A wage that would allow people to live a better life for themselves, and if they have them, for their children. Maybe a $15 minimum wage would would lessen the stresses of life that sometimes lead to substance and gambling disorders. Just guessing though it feels right to write that. Oh, by the way, at least seven of the eight democrats are millionaires. Just guessing that they haven’t made a $7.25 wage in a long time.

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