Rigged Markets PART INFINITY: In The Light of Day and in Small Print


Both the utility companies and ted cruz thought the terrible natural disaster in Texas was an okay time for fun and profit. They are bad people…there I go again judging others without looking for redeeming qualities. Busted.

IF you have a variable rate utility plan this might be the time to reconsider. I do not like to give advise but if someone is offering you a deal to save you some/usually little money upfront with the risk of, in this case, a $17,000 electric bill run away, hang the phone up, you probably should not take them up on their offer.

If this last Texas disaster does not turn Texas Blue I will be disappointed. If it does I think we should take those profits back from the utilities and find Abbott, Paxton, Cruz, Cronyn, etc. a nice corner of the earth to secede to.


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