Death, Suicide, The Constitution, Free Markets (Not) And 75 Million Still Voted For the little man along with 43 republican senators who voted to acquit

Here are some resources if you feel you or someone else is at risk of suicide: I can not guaranty the following resources will be of help or that the links will work. If you are at risk call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

50% of People with a Gambling Disorder experience suicidal ideation. 20% experience a serious suicide attempt with some dying.

The following resources are for anyone/anywhere not just gamblers.

1-800-273-TALK US Crisis-Suicide Hotline

Jeffrey Liebengood and Jeffrey Smith committed suicide. They were police officers doing their service during the January 6 insurrection. They committed suicide soon after the 6th. There were five deaths on the day of January 6; Benjamin Phillips, Kevin Greeson, Rosanne Boyland, and Ashli Babbitt from among the people participating in the insurrection (which I in no way mean to imply they deserved to die that day-the opposite-there should never had been an insurrection and they should be alive today).

The fifth death that day was another Police Officer. Brian Sicknick died in the line of service. His remains were given the distinction of Lying in State at the Capital Rotunda.

And yet, 43 republican senators voted to acquit. I am tired of hearing their excuses as their vote last year to acquit led to this attempt to overthrow an election or at least delay the peaceful transfer of power. I am saddened and angry to imagine the twisted logic the little man, his minions, and whatever is left of the 75 million will use next to tear apart our country. Remember March 4 is a Qanon date for another attempted takeover which the trump hotel jacked their rates up for in anticipation of the masses next overthrow. Maybe they will all be in court/jail by then.

Alex Kearns, age 20, killed himself after getting incorrect information from the trading/gambling platform Robinhood that he owed over $700,000. Or, maybe the information was correct for a few hours. Whether it was incorrect or not Robinhood did not explain that the issue would be resolved by the next days actions and this is most important, they did not have a mechanism to communicate in a timely manner to explain to Alex what was going on. We know that their system contributed to Alex’s death. They made changes to their system after his suicide. The thing that I think contributed to Alex’s suicide that I have not read that they have changed is an item I have mentioned before, Suitability.

Would the 43 votes to acquit today come from people who would pass a Suitability Test to be a Senator? I don’t think so. Was Alex Kearns a suitable candidate to trade options? Probably not. Is Robinhood a suitable platform for an introduction to “trading” or “investing”? I do not think so. Were the insurrectionists suitable voices to effect change that might benefit our country? No way. Is Black Lives Matter? Yes. Was the little man (in every way except his girth) a suitable President? No.

Am I a suitable voice to write the above? That I leave for you to decide.

in peace and love to you

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