Even A Clock Is Correct More Than trump

I have been remiss in only sharing numbers of Covid-19 cases and deaths. While I think the numbers are important they are not the full story. The faces and lives of individuals dying or suffering from Covid-19, along with their family, friends, communities, have been missing from my posts. I wonder why? The numbers are overwhelmingly sad and maddening. They are also easier for me to deal with than all the sadness of the realities of where the numbers are derived…those individual stories that add up to the numbers. I have read and recommend reading those stories when they are in reach. I might be reliving those times of overwhelming pain when I had a difficult time seeing/accepting the damage my addictive behaviors had on loved ones and those around me. I also attribute my awareness of the above to my being in recovery.

My personal and professional opinion is that trump is not in recovery. Duh! So, what could I possibly mean by the title of this post? Was he in fact correct once in the last four years, in his life? I believe his statement that after the election that Covid-19 would become an afterthought on cable tv is mostly correct. For example I have cable tv on as I write this. Why do they feel the need repeat themselves on and on with different voices all day long? Why do they feel the need to give a voice to trump supporters, and those that created the environment that led to trump-past and present? I just listened to a republican congressman explain that he needed more information to have voted for impeachment. Not a voice I believe we need to hear with the evidence of the insurrection, trumps words, and the words of his family and colleagues.

Why can’t they give a voice to those who have died, who are suffering with their own Covid-19 or are suffering with the Covid-19 of a loved one? I understand that would be emotionally difficult. I also guess that they are doing what they believe is financially best for them. The same mindset that most People with a Gambling Disorder have when they are in their addictive cycles.

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