Imagine If The Anarchy (Yes, It Is Anarchy) In The Capital Building Was Being Committed By People Of Color

As cruz makes his lame case for a commission to “study” the most fairly voted election ever Anarchy is being exhibited in the Capital. Except for the reality the potential for violence is great today and innocents will be in the way (I do not believe there are “good” people at the protest but I do believe that most of the people do not want violence) I compare the delusion and denial of both the legislators making a case for decertification, and the protestors who believe that the election was rigged, to those of us who are struggling with or have struggled with a substance or behavior disorder that has taken over their lives and has sadly affected others. I also believe there are many anti-social personality types at the capital who do want to commit violence and ferment a civil war of some type at the protests who believe (rightfully so in my mind) that they are doing the bidding of the so-called president.

My thoughts are with those suffering today from all the possibilities of suffering in our lives. My thoughts are with the people caught up in the protests who might find them in harms way. My thoughts are with something I have written about in previous pieces, and people a lot smarter than me have spoken to, the end of a perception of being a democratic society that is an example for the rest of the world.

Another belief I have is that we need to end the perception I spoke to above so we can build a society that can be a lived experience of peace, democracy, and justice for all. That would be similar to what I believe is a healthy recovery for us gamblers…

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