Why I Do What I Do: Conversations, Connections-Some Old, Some New, Some Delayed, Some Missed

I once prepared a 5-week series on Gambling Disorder and related topics. I created a powerpoint with videos and music. We advertised the series including sending out 500 invitations. I was at the office for five weeks with refreshments and curiosity. I tend to over setup as I do not want anyone to feel we were not prepared for them and create chaos as we have create a welcoming space. You probably saw this coming, no one showed up.

My boss/colleague at that time, Elizabeth-a Director at Nicasa, and I were in agreement that when we offered to do presentations we did not really care if we spoke to 100 people or one person. We had the support from Nicasa to create without fear of some perceived failure. You might have also seen this coming, I received two requests after the no-show series. One was from a Pastor calling to refer a congregant and another was an opportunity to speak at a treatment center for a 2-week series to 50 or so of their patients. The treatment center offer came almost a year out from the invitation. Even though I do not work at Nicasa anymore I know that Elizabeth and I are resources for anyone wanting to learn more about Gambling Disorder and resources for individuals, families, friends, communities.

This most recent couple of weeks have given me opportunities in the moment to connect that might not go further though they have created meaningful connections. One of those connections helped create something I have yearned for during the past eight years, A Secular Humanist meeting for gamblers in recovery or looking for recovery. I have also connected with a nephew who has friends playing with “free money”, a friend from a support group who passed my info to another group member who now has resources for friends, people from around the world as I present a workshop, with a friend, on relapse. The workshop seems like it will lead to another new meeting that is focused on relapse issues every week.

My story since my recovery started has been measured on doing my best to do no harm (I have failed miserably-with a healthy acceptance of my imperfections, and strengths that I will do my best to use to do no more harm. Along with do no harm I have always wanted to be of some help to one person. Maybe I have, maybe not. I will keep working towards that goal. Whether I do or don’t I know I will not without making connections and having conversations.

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