Shut Up and Play, or Else…

…the only people watching sports on cable/tv will be liberal sports fans or gamblers, we might only make millions not Billions, and the Chinese government might get mad at us. That is what I believe the nba is saying. From a gambling perspective that is not to say that liberals can’t be gamblers. We make some of the more convoluted, twisted logic when we gamble. Like, I only do this to feed the poor. As Phil Ochs sang, Love me, love me, I’m a liberal. Note: you might not want to listen to the song if you are a privileged “liberal” like me. On the other hand, I do believe the song helped me along the path to sharing and activism during different times of my life.

At the risk of repeating myself, why are gambling sites advertising everywhere? Do they make so much money that they are advertising before Alan Watts discourses on the Tao, on liberal blogs, on political blogs of not liberal leanings, that they can afford to throw money at audiences that you would intuit are not potential “players”. I will let you in on a secret that they know, I know, treatment providers/researchers, and too many family systems know-People with a Gambling Disorder or if you prefer, People seeking comfort from pain, the dysfunction of life, loss/grief/boredom/loneliness…will seek out many addictive behaviors with Gambling being one, no matter what their political leanings are/their education level/their spiritual path/their family life structure. In fact, with Covid-19 creating (for good reasons) a forced isolation that the gambling industry is preying (my language) on the pain…of our families and neighbors by bringing gambling to our fingertips which with the campaign season done they are now one of the biggest advertisers of our addiction age.

If we only listened to Paul Robeson and others centuries and decades ago maybe we would be able to watch a sporting event without the warranted judgement on the leagues, their owners, Curt Schilling, Kelly Loeffler…

peace and love to you and your families

sadly, I do not think we are in for a happy year. better, yes. much better, happy is a stretch for me.

One thought on “Shut Up and Play, or Else…

  1. Thank you for sharing this.

    The advertising seems to be everywhere. When I was consuming left leaning cable news via their iPhone app, I’d see ads for local casinos until I finally figured out how to silence those.

    I’m going to try to use community to look at things from the humanist perspective versus what’s going on in my bubble. I think that will help with the “happy” part.



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