With the help of a friend…

…we found a way to archive the posts I wanted to show you from my earlier writings that explain the reasons this blog exists. The home page now has a menu item on the top of the page for archived blog pieces. If you choose to explore farther back page 6 has some of the more specific blog pieces to gambling in Il. Except for the poor editing of my posts I have enjoyed reading my writing. That might be vain. That might be because this process has helped me both conceptualize next steps and just express my anger/pain at watching others suffer while a few get rich while hurting others; whether from gambling, lying about Covid-19, mismanaging the vaccination process…

As the title of this piece states I could not have gotten to the archive menu activation without the help of a dear friend. Thank you.

Please be safe this coming New Years Day and moving forward through what will probably be another difficult year.

in peace and love

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