In With The Old and In With The New

A friend who is a new follower of the blog sent me an article about a Hawaii commission who passed a resolution of some kind approving a casino. There are many hurdles before a casino is built. The article gave me much fodder to write a piece on the idea. Before I do that I am going to re-post some pieces from the beginning of this exercise. The most important piece will be the resource page. The others will focus on the math behind casinos and legalized gambling being a bad idea that hurts more than it helps. I will introduce you directly to Earl L Grinols who I mentioned in the previous piece. I apologize in advance for filling your in box during the holiday season.

I am a Jewish Atheist who does not celebrate the holidays. I am guessing most of you will celebrate the holidays this year in some fashion even with the constraints of Covid-19. There might be some of you who the holidays are a difficult time for even without Covid-19. I find the holidays season emotionally difficult and I don’t celebrate.

All that aside, I want to wish you and yours the best possible holiday season whether you just finished Hanukkah, have Christmas tomorrow, or start Kwanzaa on the 26th. I wish you the best New Years possible without going into my warped views on that whole thing.

I want to keep in mind the many people suffering through this holiday season for the many reasons people suffer: addictive-emotional-psychological disorders, medical issues, financial issues, poverty, family dysfunction, war, political strife, etc, etc, etc, etc,

I can’t help to also mention the numbers of people affected by Covid-19 as of yesterday. I use numbers from the worldometer website:

Total Cases: 79,038,659 (World) 18,917,152 (US) New Cases: 683,285 (W) 232,342 (US) Total Deaths: 1,736,720 (W) 334,218 (US) New Deaths: 13,468 (W) 3,401 (US)

I have seen research that states that on average 8-17 people are affected by the addiction of an individual. Think how the Covid-19 numbers above are daunting in their self, think harder how the pandemic has a devastating effect on the well-being of families, friends, communities, the world, the universe…

I am going to reprint the Resource page after I finish this piece and wait until after the New Year to reprint the other old stuff though I might write something new if so moved.

peace to you all

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