Rebel(s) With/Without A Cause

I came across the song in an article this morning. I knew the song though I have to admit I did not consider it to be a Christmas classic as it seems to be. It also has been covered over 760 times. I thought I would link the song with the Peanuts video as I am no longer a rebel without a cause.

One of Joni Mitchells concerts I watched this morning started with a clip from Rebel Without a Cause. While I never thought of myself as James Dean (probably more Sal Mineo if I have to be honest) I was what Tom Waits described himself as in an interview I read, an amateur juvenile delinquent. The period of my amateur juvenile delinquency was around the time (ages 13-15) I developed a gambling disorder.

Note: I am about to get political/make social commentary so I take no offense if you stop reading. While I am a progressive Democrat in my beliefs and voting I believe my views are truly conservative (compared to those that call themselves Conservative) in nature. What is more conservative than taking care of our families (nuclear, extended, national, universal), saving when we can, sharing when others are in need, respecting the values of both liberty and a social contract, respecting the inherent worth of every human being, being responsible and accountable for our mistakes as some ideals of being conservative.

I see so many people at this time that I describe as rebels without a cause (and not having conservative values), at least for causes that I believe are harmful to others. No masks, no financial help for you, pork belly in a stimulus bill, a coup, trying to throw out votes and selected votes that are racially profiled, threatening families of officials for following the law even when they are from the same party, Pardons for corrupt politicians and convicted killers none of whom I know of that showed any remorse or accepted any accountability for their crimes.

But, hey the State of Illinois is making money on the backs of sports gamblers. I think there was over 400 million bet in October which the state received about 6 million. I am about to be interviewed by a company doing a study on the state of gambling in Illinois. Not quite sure what they are focused on. What I do know is that the State has no clue of the effects of that 400 million has on individuals, families, and communities, or worse, they do not care. While I am pleased that they are doing the study I am firm in my convictions that the study should have come first. I am pretty sure that if they find that the costs outweigh the benefits of legalized gambling they will not go the way of republican values.

For you that are new to the blog I have articles from near the beginning of my writing that use Grinols’ work to explore the social costs of gambling. Needless to say that I would not mention that or be still writing this blog if the numbers showed a benefit to our communities.

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