I just took a walk, Alone without Blush

You might know Blush, or of Blush from: the About page of this site, conversations with me, as a family member or friend, or as a direct contributor to your recovery.

Blush took her last breath around 1am Sunday. She had a hyperglycemic event(s) that caused Ketoacidosis. Blush was diabetic which explains the terms in the previous sentence. I knew about her diabetes when I adopted her on Halloween 2019. I was not concerned about giving her shots and learned to accept the difficult process in trying to find the treatment plan to best manage the effects from the diabetes. It was not easy and maybe close to impossible given her years with diabetes. I accept I did the best I could.

We had a good 13 1/2 months. She got out of the shelter after seven years and I found a friend in a time of transition. When I told the shelter about her death and some of the things she did while with me they were happy for her, and me.

The Gamblers Anonymous program has a screening tool called The 20 Questions. It has been changed over the years. One of the most important changes in my view was a change to question 15. Originally it read, Have you ever gambled to escape worry, trouble, boredom, or loneliness? Good question as read. In the past five years or so they added, grief or loss?, to the question which I think deepens the meaning of the question.

I have been with four humans when they took their last breath. Blush is the second dog I have been with when they took their last breath. Each last breath was different in circumstances and context. Blush seemed in peace during the process and was not in pain. As my neighbor just reminded me, that does not make it easy as we grieve our losses.

in peace and love, and might you find during this emotionally heightened season people and places to grieve your losses with, and to share your joys. The resource page back at the beginning of the blog pieces has resources if you find a need.

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