Sometimes you can only laugh or cry…

…just don’t bet, or drink (to excess), or do drugs, or eat that second or third pie, etc., etc, etc.

If the link does not work google Amber Ruffin Christmas song. A funny, sad, honest take on this Christmas.

I am a Jewish Atheist who didn’t even realize I missed Hanukkah until my daughter sent me a picture with a menorah. I am not a fan of the Holiday/Christmas “season” as I believe the disparities of peoples lives are highlighted which can be painful for many.

I understand that the holiday season at the end of the year is a joyous time for many and I do my best to honor that time of family/friend get togethers and the joy that goes along with all that. I understand that the holiday season is the most intense period of the year for others who may not have the family/friend connections or the money to celebrate. It can be an emotionally difficult time. It can be a time of heightened addictive behaviors.

In my curmudgeonly way I want to wish you all the best. You are in my thoughts and have my hopes for a wonderful holiday season, albeit in a new way for many.

in peace and love

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