Who is Crazy, Who is Gambling, Who is Both


It is way sad that the following numbers (from worldometer) are really happening and I am going to write a piece about people acting crazy, and in some cases I believe have to be crazy, to say/do the shit (this might be the first swear word I have used in this blog but it fits too well to not use it) that they think makes them seem powerful and provocative. They are weak, sad figures who will go down in history as willing traitors and indirect/direct murderers.

For December 15, 2020: Covid-19 stats in real people

The world: New cases, 595,836 Total Deaths, 1,640,903 New Deaths, 12,702

The US: 201,552 311,091 2,999

I was waiting for the elevator today with Blush as a neighbor walked into the vestibule. When the elevator came I offered it to him. He said no you take it, or so I thought. When I went to go on he followed me. I got off the elevator. I know the guy to say hello. When I got off he pointed me to a sign that says two max people. I will not get on with anyone though I do not deny them the right to get on with me. I do not want to gamble with catching or giving the virus. When I got off he called me crazy. No big deal, I have been called worse and I am confident that I am doing the right thing. And I am pretty sure that my actions do not rise to the level of crazy. That is a small example of not gambling/risking ourselves.

The article above is about an appointee of trump and his minions who was willing to risk children, healthy people, young adults to get to some skewed idea of herd immunity. The words he spoke were at the highest levels of the Covid-19 response team. I do not mean to be mean but fortunately his boss had some sort of emotional/psychological breakdown and they both left the government.

Remember ron johnson? He is still a senator from Wisconsin, at least in name only. He is one of nine or so republican senators who spent July 4, 2018 in russia getting embarrassed by the russians. I might not be a fan of how we treat the holiday but to go to russia? What are you trying to say to your constituents? Well, this is same ron johnson who is featured in an article about how he is still gambling on trump by denying Biden’s historic win and talking about/holding hearings on russia. Pandemic and Stimulus Bill, johnson? What a sad, sad figure.

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