What Does Step 6 Have To Do With Trump


Step 6 from Gamblers Anonymous Recovery Program, Were entirely ready to have these defects of character removed. The AA Step 6 has God removing the character defects.

Step 6 is a pivot point in the 12 Steps. In AA they talk about the step, Separating the boys from the men. Not to excuse the language, I do remember that the language is from another time written by white males.

My first reflection upon finishing the article above was that I have to do a Step 6 on my judgment of trump, the AGs who filed the Texas case, the republican congress members, the republican party, the 70 million who voted for trump who still in a majority believe that the election was stolen, etc. etc. etc. On further reflection I have done my Step 6 and do not feel the need to change my judgment.

Custer and Milt in their seminal book on gambling disorder, When Luck Runs Out (1985) categorized gamblers. The categories are Social(social and serious), Professional, Escape and Relief, Pathological/Compulsive (that is old language-Gambling Disorder is commonly used now), and Anti-Personality.

The article above does give me pause in my reaction to trump (I am going to use trump as a universal term because he is both a product of his genetics/upbringing and the developmental process that started before him in the republican party). I, as a Jewish Atheist Humanist, and lapsed Unitarian, believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. As a person in recovery and a professional addictions counselor I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to find some level of peace and love in their life. I accept people wherever they are knowing they will choose their path even if it leads to their death as I have done myself without killing myself.

Where I differ with the article is that while we can try to fit trump into an addiction model, along with those who follow a path of herd mentality based on his beliefs, is I believe that trump fits the category of anti-social personality. That does not mean trump is not worthy of compassion and understanding. I just believe he deserves that compassion and understanding in prison when warranted and with being accountable when not rising to the level of prison.

I do hope that the government, the press, communities hold trump accountable. I hope that a Truth and Reconciliation process is used in our country’s healing process. If not, I am afraid we are on our way out as a first-world country with any moral standing in the world.

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