Perversity Continued

3,265 vs millions-billions

The stock market is at record levels, bezos can give everyone of his customers $3,000 and still have more money than he had in March, airbnb and doordash went public at obscene valuations, and guilianni doesn’t understand that everyone does not have access to the medical treatment he got while still down playing Covid-19, yet…

People are filing for unemployment at high rates, the republicans are more worried about corporate liability than giving support to the citizens of our country, the local and state governments, and for a comprehensive Covid-19 response, while yesterday…

the world had 657,728 new cases of Covid-19, 12,342 new deaths out of a total 1,574,934 deaths

the u.s. had 226,953 new cases, 3,265 new deaths out of a total 296,720 deaths while…

trump and his kind (right wing extremists and bad losers) are building on their 0 for a million (it seems like it) attempts to get the most secure vote ever overturned without even pretending to care about the direct and indirect effects of Covid-19. It seems to me that they are the epitome of addicts in the throes of sad binge, and…

they are a shining example of Perversity and Evil who are willing to change the face and reality of the experiment called america, NOT in a good way.

One thought on “Perversity Continued

  1. The retired White Sox announcer used two words I compare to Donald Trump’s final day in office. “He Gone” is the Ken Harrelson cliche I remember.


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