What Not to Stuff in a Stocking


Youth have a higher prevalence rate of gambling than adults. They gamble at a higher rate than they drink, smoke, or do drugs. Makes sense considering the brain does not fully form until our mid-twenties and the sense of invulnerability that youth have. Youth are also more savvy with the technologies that gambling sites use. They are marketed to and seem to be less physically social than in past eras. The website above is a font of information on youth gambling.

One of the risks of developing a gambling disorder is starting at a young age. Another factor is having a big win especially early in a gambling career.

To borrow a clinical tool I learned in a Bob Newhart short skit (it is called Stop It! and I highly recommend you checking it out)…

STOP IT! As Newhart states, it is only two words, it is not Yiddish.

Do not give lottery tickets as presents, in principle, especially not to youth. DO NOT give them as stocking stuffers. You risk being a catalyst for a young one developing a gambling problem. You would not give a youth a beer, a joint, or pornography so…


One thought on “What Not to Stuff in a Stocking

  1. I agree with your article. Even if I was actively gambling I would say that. I hesitate to say things I believe concerning gambling for the compulsive gambler or the problem gambler. I may “bite off more than I chew”. Gambling is not recreational for me and according to all I know I can arrest this illness “Compulsive Gambling” one day at a time snd ask for help. There are decisions compulsive gamblers must act on daily and some are decisions are taken with great faith.


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