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I linked the Fay Vincent articles because he was the last person in power who seemed to care about baseball as a whole. I do not believe the White Sox (WS) ownership or the baseball commissioners since Vincent do care about the game as a whole or the fans (except as a transactional being).

In my previous post I mentioned that men often touch their anatomical balls with baseball ball players in that group and that at least once a month males can self check their anatomical balls for the signs of testicular cancer. I remind you to visit the following to learn more.

I am not going to try to compare/contrast testicular cancer with being a WS/baseball fan. I will explore for a moment the self check/ self examination of being a fan and the opportunities for the WS and baseball industry to better deal with their fans and the place that baseball holds in the US. Remember that MLB has anti-trust protections and their teams often get special tax breaks and funds from local municipalities. The teams are not always responsible citizens which of course they are not as they are for-profits that only take. The WS for example threatened to move to ST Pete FL and got a last minute sweetheart deal to stay. The WS owner was a leader of the lack of negotiations that led to the strike in 1994. He was reported to be a major reason the owners had to pay a $280 million settlement for collusion in free agent players pay. The fore mentioned Vincent was integral in negotiating the settlement process. That seemed to be a part of his demise and the change of focus for commissioners from looking out for the benefit of baseball as a whole to looking out for the benefit of the owners.

That has led to a power and financial structure in favor of the owners. It might seem like the players have benefitted along with owners. True, some have, as evidenced by the multi-million dollar contracts that the richest players have signed. Most players, I am going to include minor league players here, have not benefitted from the ownership that the teams have over them. More importantly, the fans have been used and abused. It takes a lot of money to take a family to a ballgame. The increase in tickets prices and lack of free TV coverage are the two main changes over the years. The increase in those costs, the value of the teams, and the salaries of players has greatly out increased wages and inflation of most fans. I say most fans because someone is buying the scout seats and luxury boxes at the WS games.


For me that phrase is an internal direction to take action that sometimes is beneficial and at other times is rash. I also use that to judge others when I think they are lacking in courage or to a lesser degree taking the easy way out. Note: I really have not used that language in the past but it seems to be flowing at the present. I felt that the republicans showed no balls/courage in dealing with trump. I wondered if the WS general manager or president felt neutered when their boss made the La Russa hire. Maybe they could not have changed anything but they could have spoken openly about the decision and not hid behind the, We have to wait for the legal system to speak about the issue. What would I as a fan wanted them to do?

As I did not like the hire before the DUI became public my dislike turned to hate when the WS did not address the issue. Should people have resigned? Maybe, but I do not know enough about the inside conversations and I cannot judge people for making decisions based on their ability to work at a job that supports their family. I have to preface the following story that I do want to seem grandiose and I do not know that I made the right decisions in the story though I will tell you about a time I took a stance that maybe the WS team could have.

In 1986 my firm was bought by a bank. In 1987 in the aftermath of the “market crash” we had a round of layoffs. I was the lowest of upper management. I was in a meeting run by the bank of all upper management where we were told that “the street” would look at us favorably for making the cuts. I raised my hand slowly and pretty much said that what the street thought and the effects on peoples lives were two different things and asked if we could adapt the way we cut. I was told no. I had taken the promotion and followed through with the cuts even though I disagreed that we “knew” that we were dealing with fundamental changes in the marketplace . Fortunately I was in therapy at the time.

I happened to be correct. Business came back, we hired more people and lo and behold we had a “mini-crash” two years later. Guess what, another round of layoffs. I said no this time. I asked if we could take pay cuts instead of bodies and after a hard negotiation they said I could. I was going to leave if I had to cut. To my surprise and chagrin, my unit did not want to take a pay cut, they wanted to cut bodies. I ended up leaving a firm where I had built an effective skilled unit. Maybe not as good as the WS but pretty good. When I told management about my decision I asked about my exit package. I naively expected to get what others were getting. I was told that because they did not want me to leave that I was not going to get severance. Would I have made a different decision if I knew that was coming? I like to think not.

So, the WS people have not resigned and I will not judge that (maybe a little). What I will judge is their lack of balls/courage in not addressing the negative effects of DUIs. Leave La Russa out of a statement. Make a bloody statement. Do a self check. Respond to what they know is fan uproar both about the hire and the DUI. It’s not just the DUI but the arrogance of La Russa in his statements to the police about being a “hall of famer”.

In terms of La Russa, plead guilty-do your time-and be a spokesman for not drinking and driving, and not be a loudmouth, grandiose person who does not seem to have learned his lesson. This is his second DUI in case you did not know.

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