The Weaker Sex

Warning: The following will mention men’s anatomy focusing on their balls.

I participate in a mixed gender support group. At a recent meeting three woman discussed how these recent times have left them depressed partly based on living alone. As the only other member who lives alone it struck me that even though I do get depressed at times I do not talk about it as easily than the woman do. Could be partly based on my personality though that is kind of lessened in my mind as I have the type of personality that allows me to join support groups and share parts of my life. I wondered aloud if it is based on my gender.

I find myself straddling the divide between peaceful collaboration of sharing thoughts/feelings and being an aggressive judgmental man. I am not suggesting that females cannot be aggressive and judgmental. I am suggesting that males have a grandiosity that is used in harmful ways that include physical aggression (individual and group that at its worst is war and devastation-I can’t imagine a woman dropping a nuclear bomb on civilians) and lack of self-care that includes mental and physical health.

If you watch a baseball game you will often see players touching themselves. As one of the articles above states if you watch most men they often touch themselves. As another article mentions that there is a time for men to incorporate touching themselves and practicing self-care.

Another link is to the Max Mallory Foundation. The foundation was started by a dear friend (and her son’s father) whose son died from testicular cancer. The site is informational and emotionally moving. The podcasts are a testament to the love and care my friend has for those who have suffered from testicular cancer whether they have recovered or were part of the 5% or so that die from the cancer. The podcasts are also a strong reminder that men need to converse about health issues at all developmental stages.

I was going to tie the focus on testicular cancer into gambling and the White Sox. I will tackle those connections in another piece.

The focus of this piece is to give men permission to talk more about health issues (mental and physical) and to take at least one more time a month to touch your balls.

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