You might have noticed I use the phrase, Person with a Gambling Disorder, instead of using the many other terms for someone who has experienced the negative effects from gambling itself or a preoccupation with gambling. Some of the other terms that have been, and are presently, used are: addict, compulsive gambler, sick compulsive gambler, pathological gambler, problem gambler. I think the article linked above gives one of the most humane view of people who are affected by their alcohol, drug, gambling, etc. use.

There are settings where I use some of the above language because it fits the context of the setting. I try my best not to judge people, label people especially when I do not know of their past and present experience or their anxieties about the future. I think/feel that we are all on individual journeys both in our past and our present.

Because I struggle with being judgmental, sometimes I struggle well and other times I do not give a heck about being judgmental. The following is one of those heck moments. Feel free to judge me for the following feelings/thoughts or maybe stop reading now if you were one of the 70 million.

Tyson Foods is being sued for wrongful deaths pertaining to their lack of protection for their workers during the pandemic. Seems like they were willing to risk/gamble with peoples lives to feed the country with their unsafe products (my anti-meat judgment based on the abuse of animals and on the practices of the meat industry that affect the health of their consumers). Bad enough that they preyed on their workers. There is a WORSE if you can believe it…

It seems that Tyson Foods managers had a betting pool on the numbers of Covid-19 cases that would develop because of their worst practices. That is sick and…

To borrow a Keith Olbermann phrase, Worst Ever. Worst Ever for the moment. As long as I am in my heck mode this past four years has been Worst Ever with daily reminders that this administration is willing to risk peoples lives because of their weak, petulant “leader” as evidenced by their denial of the election results and the need for a timely, orderly transition.

One thought on “Language

  1. I appreciate your comments more and and I appreciate the fact that you’re standing up for yourself and saying something you need to say thank

    It is apparent that gambling is more than just betting. It is a risk factor for those who take the extra bite, extra pill and make the extra purchase. Casinos are not my friends either. Thank you.


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