I Can’t Show You My Tax Returns Because of Audits?????

The White Sox (WS) state that they will not speak about the La Russa DUI because there is an ongoing case. What? Why? The WS could certainly make a statement about the risks of drinking and driving without speaking to the La Russa case.

Background for you that do not read or care about the world of sports and do not relish in WS dysfunction. The WS have one of the more exciting teams in baseball. They had an opening for manager which was considered one of the more, maybe the most, attractive opportunities for prospective managers. They gamed the system of interviewing minorities and hired La Russa. La Russa is a Hall of Fame manager who retired from managing in 2011 and was fired from the WS in the 1980s. The WS owner regretted that move and has not stopped speaking about that for decades. He found the opportunity to rehire La Russa probably against the judgement of the people who are responsible for the decision. The owner has the power.

Anyways, the WS announced the hiring the day after La Russa was charged with his second DUI. His first was in 2007 a few months before one of players died in a DUI accident. At that time he stated to the effect that he was remorseful and that situation would not happen again. Sounds good. As a person with multiple disorders I appreciate the opportunities I received and I gave opportunities to others with disorders in my professional life even after multiple relapses.

So why is this a topic of discussion? It’s not the crime it’s the coverup. Why did not the WS and La Russa mention the DUI at the press conference to announce his hiring? Did they think it would not come out? Did they not care? Did they not think it warranted mention? Any and all of the possible answers are not a honest, respectful way to treat the public, WS fans, WS players, reporters…Not a way to present the issue of a DUI to the many people who have suffered from the damages of such offenses.

La Russa was already a polarizing figure as a choice of manager. He is a Tea Party advocate who has been outspoken against Kap and those who have followed him in taking a knee. He has been outspoken about young players who do not follow some unwritten code of respect for the game. Except he did not seem to mind getting to the Hall of Fame on the back of steroid users who carried his winning teams. He based his beliefs on those taking a knee on the disbelief of the sincerity of those protesting police violence against minority communities and those darn unwritten rules of baseball. I wonder how sincere he was in 2007 when he said it would not happen again. I wonder how sincere he is now when he says that his belief system has evolved. My judgment is that he is a privileged White male who doesn’t care or have a clue about others and was willing to take a job from someone better qualified or who is ready for the opportunity.

I kind of put my email to the WS on hold because of the times we are in. I changed my mind with the dysfunction of the WS. I forwarded the email to a couple of reporters at the Trib.

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