Do No Harm Part 8: Who Is Watching Over The Children

I will repeat the story of how after a devastating relapse back to sports betting I left my 2-month old daughter and her mother to spend four days in a hotel oscillating between suicidal thoughts and finding money to gamble again. When I look back to reflect on my gambling disorder it still amazes me I could harm innocents including children.

I just saw an interview that Anderson Cooper did with the mother of two beautiful (aren’t they all) children whose husband/father of her children died of Covid-19. She had spoken to him before. Tonight she was speaking to evil (my term) message/propaganda the president released over the past two days. He did not show any awareness, empathy, compassion towards anyone. ANYONE including the children who have contacted Covid-19, died from Covid-19, who have died from the virus.

I am sad watching the realities that Covid-19 has burdened our families with due to no fault of their own. Then there are the children who are at risk because of their parents bad choices. How about the woman being considered for the Supreme Court who brought her children to a super spreader event that has I think affected seven adults. One of those adults, Kelly Ann Conway, a presidential counselor has a daughter who reported that she is positive. She both reported her mother was positive before her mother announced the fact and she reported her own positive reading.

I have to repeat the mother of seven children brought them to the super spreader event where there was no protection against Covid-19. Politics or not I feel safe in comparing her actions to any actions an addiction allows us to harm our children.

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