Redeeming Qualities 2

Ron Johnson, a senator from Wisconsin (so hard to believe he beat Russ Feingold) tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday. He went to a fundraiser later Friday knowing he was positive but it was “okay” because he felt okay (asymptomatic would be a big word for him) and he was 12 feet away from people when he took his mask off. I am guessing he did not announce that he was positive during his appearance Know that this is the guy who chairs a committee using discredited info from Russia. In fact, this “American” spent the Fourth of July in Russia with other republican senators.

The president twittered a video today. He looked okay. We have gotten mixed messages about his health and treatment today. Some info from his doctor and some from his chief of staff who gave mixed messages at best. What the president did not say in his message was any sentiment of empathy or compassion for the millions who have contacted Covid-19 or the 209,000 who have died in the US. Certainly not anything about the people who have/are suffering both with the virus and with financial devastation because of the virus. People who do not have Walter Reed and their staff for medical help-free to him.

In the first Redeeming Qualities blog piece I was able to come up with a small positive for casinos versus all the negatives. I cannot find a positive in the republican party or its members. They are horrible people. I do not hate them. I have no respect for them.

I do not know that I have in mind a period of America’s history where it was great. I can be wrong about that. One thing I agree with trump on is that we need to Make America Great (Again). That will take voting “the bums” out.

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