What If…

I am a Person with a Gambling Disorder (PGD). I choose to accept that description not as a burden but as a reminder of the damage I do when I gamble. I can’t think of the equivalent experience of an atheist’s death to one of meeting St. Peter. Maybe, a dream right before death or an insight before death. What if I have that dream or insight that I was not a PGD and could have gambled without causing damage. I gotta believe that my answer would be at that time as my answer is at this moment. So what is my answer. I do not miss the time or effort that gambling took away from the myriad of opportunities I have without gambling. And what if that dream or insight does not come and I blew up my life and the lives of others by gambling and had to live with that before I die. And, think of the possibility that other’s would live consequences after I die.

After losing over 208,000 of our family, friends, neighbors in the US and over 1,000,000 in the world why would anyone doubt the risks of COVID-19. Why would anyone make it worse instead of Doing No Harm.

I started this blog because I did not want to be neutral anymore on the topic of gambling/gambling disorder. I can’t be neutral on those millions of people who believe Covid-19 is a hoax or believe the economy is a bigger worry. Don’t tell me that the risks of suicide, mental health, and domestic violence are at risk to our population because that is stating the obvious. We can deal with both if we had compassion, courage, and foresight.

I digress in telling you about the thought of life as a risk so don’t talk to me about rolling dice, playing a slot or poker, betting on sports…I get that perspective mainly from youth many in the criminal justice system. I do not disagree about that perspective. I think it gives us an opportunity to explore the social systems that lead to those risks that often include violence.

How about the choice to be safe in dealing with Covid-19 as opposed to Doing Harm. Our president has done much harm in his sharing of false information and exposing people to the pandemic. He has been caught lying. He has been derelict and criminal in his actions. He went to fundraiser this week knowing about Hope Hicks. The president of Notre Dame and a Senator probably caught Covid-19 at a ceremony at the White House where they did not wear masks or social distance. Either that or they brought Covid-19 to the ceremony.

At the end of the time I have on this earth I do not want to say What If…I want to do as little harm as possible both by not gambling and by not being a spreader of Covid-19. Too much risk.

Be safe

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