Thank You

If the above link does not work google the info in the link. Sad, empowering story of the parents of a young man who committed suicide because of his gambling and their efforts to shine a light on the problem. I know if someone dies from the effects of alcoholism that in some jurisdictions the death certificate will read, Natural causes due to complication from alcoholism. That is how my sister-in-laws death certificate read.

I am back writing because of two phone/zoom conversations I had after my last post. One was not directly related to my post. It was a dear friend calling to tell me he thinks of me everyday because of the sports betting ads he sees everyday on TV. He is the friend who took me home after I reached out to him after spending those four days in a hotel room considering suicide. Why was my ending different than the young man, Jack Ritchie, in the article is a question I do not know that I will ever have a full answer to. My heart goes out to his parents, those who knew him, and those many nameless who have either taken their life or have thought about taking their life. 1-800-273-8255 (Talk) is the suicide hotline number.

The other support I received to continue was from dear friends in a cancer support group I belong to. I have not had cancer myself. I was asked to join by one of the founders of the group. I will never compare cancer and gambling disorder as diseases. I have a tough time comparing the recovery process of both. I have seen love, compassion, empathy, bravery, resilience, reality…in both recovery processes. My wish is that one day regulators, insurance companies…feel the same.

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