The End Of The World As We Know It

This will be my last post. Maybe until a big story comes out about gambling, maybe until after the election, maybe forever.

It is interesting that it took electing a billionaire Democrat that we had another major expansion of gambling in Illinois. I’m kind of sick of millionaires/billionaires making decisions for us. Both on the local/national levels.

I believe a second Trump term will be a time of Intentional Harm to most of us and to the idea of democracy, to a peaceful world order. Dramatic I know.

A first Biden term will be better only by degrees. Degrees that will make a difference. We will have to face the damage done by Republican administrations since Eisenhower exploded by Iran Contra Reagan. Clinton and Obama did not do too much better in protecting the citizens of the US. Look only at Clinton’s deregulation of the “markets” and criminal justice inequities. Obama chose the banks over the rest of us and drone use to carry out “war”.

We will be faced with deficits of money and ethics baked into the system. We will have the unknown of a pandemic’s curve and possible treatments. We will have legalized gambling in almost every State and “finance” our deficits through the people who can least afford to lose the money,

peace to you all

be safe

be brave

don’t gamble

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