Lindsey Graham Says That I Hate Him

“I’ve only been doing this for 20 years to get this done, and it’s a little emotional,” said a teary-eyed Link during floor discussion of the bill.

Lindsey Graham is a US Senator from South Carolina and the quote is from Terry Link a recently resigned Illinois State Senator. Graham begged for campaign donations on Fox News because his opponent is raising a good amount of donations though the opponent still has less money on hand than Graham does. Graham stated that the “left” hates him. Link resigned because he is under investigation for under reporting his taxes. The stories about his resignation allude to him being an informant who might have taken bribes.

Yes, I would be considered to be on the “left” politically. I happen to think I am conservative in my thinking. Take care of your family, respect peoples right to make choices for themselves when they are not harming others and in most cases when they are not harming themselves, do not spend/borrow what you cannot reasonably foresee paying back or needing for the basic needs of your family, respect the basic needs of others, show empathy/compassion for yourself and others, share your wealth, DO NO HARM.

I do not hate Lindsey Graham. I do not respect Lindsey Graham. I do not care if he is Gay, whether he wants a position in his hoped for second Trump administration, or whether he is being blackmailed by the Russians. He has voted for harmful legislation. The tax cuts and to repeal the Affordable Care Act for two examples. He has become a sycophant to Trump. He has twisted his stated beliefs from the recent past. He was at one point a respected Senator who seemed thoughtful in his deliberations.

Link spent a lot of years championing gambling proliferation in Illinois. I do not hate Link. I do not respect Link for either his work that has harmed many in our State and his choice to what seems like an opportunity to make illegal money from his “work”.

My conservative beliefs lean towards changing our system of governing to giving the common woman/man leadership roles. People who understand what it takes to live on substandard income without a safety net, who are at risk of economic trauma due to any given event of basic needs being either unavailable or too expensive, people who care about others, who DO NO HARM.

That includes tax cuts for the one percent on one end of the spectrum and the regressive tax that legalized gambling is.

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