Breaking Bad

I won’t recommend recommend Breaking Bad (I will leave it to you to research) though I think it is a reminder to me that most of us have the capacity to “break bad”. I have broken bad through much of my life. My gambling was the biggest break. I did not break to the degree that Breaking Bad portrays though given similar situations who knows even though I like to believe I wouldn’t have. The show uses gambling as part of the story though not in a way I have seen before. Gambling Disorder is often called “The Hidden Disease”. You can’t see it, smell it, test for it. SPOILER ALERT though I do not think it would affect your viewing of the show. They use gambling as a cover for the money made from drug trafficking. It does give the opportunity to talk about the addictive process using gambling in lieu of criminal activity.

In this season of political intensity I sometimes wonder how we got here and where we are going. For example, if Henry Wallace was chosen VP in the last FDR term I am pretty confident we would not have seen the nuclear bombing of Japan, there probably would not have been Korean War involvement by the US, Iran would have had an opportunity to deepen their democratic values following their democratic vote (the CIA overthrew that and enlisted the Shah for a brutal regime). What if the Brooks Brother overthrow of our 2000 election did not happen with the legal cover of the Supreme Court. Elections matter.

To me this election is about DOING NO MORE HARM. I respect Biden. I do not agree with all of his history or methods. One of the disagreements is the Anita Hill hearings. I will point out that Anita Hill has endorsed Biden. I do not respect Trump and have as much fear of him winning again as I have about me going back to gambling.

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