There were two police officers shot in Louisville last night. Thankfully they were not killed. The shooter was arrested.

I just heard this so do not take it as the truth though I have now read it on other news sites. The wanton endangerment charges, the only charges made, were for the bullets that were fired into neighbors that are white. Not the neighbors that are black.

We have a deep divide in this country on many issues; healthcare, taxes, income inequality, the environment, basic income, racial inequalities…

I have heard that to have a serious conversation we need to talk about the shame some of us feel about our shame about being part of a system of racial inequalities. If not shame maybe awareness, empathy, compassion.

There are similarities that we who do harm by our gambling on both sides of the equation (gamblers, gambling providers, and those who benefit from gambling) need to face to break stigmas, lessen shame, and find a safe balance in gambling endeavors.

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