After reading more about the Breonna Taylor grand jury process/ruling and watching the States Attorney press conference I will make a connection to the systemic gambling disorder I think that our homes, communities, State, and Country are suffering with. To do that I am going to break a basic rule of racial justice work. I am going to conflate my life history/experience with racial justice. I have friends that are…

This piece might be a stretch. I take no offense if you stop reading now, disagree, or have negative feedback.

Black Lives Matter is something I believe in. I do my best to respect.

I live on the fifth floor of a 20 story condo complex looking out my window at the roof of The Holocaust Museum. Daunting reminder everyday of humanities history. I was told how we had family left in what is now Poland who were murdered in concentration camps. My grandmother made it out before that. My grandfather was left for dead by the Cossacks in Russia and found his way to the US. The idea that I chose to gamble badly is especially difficult to accept in that context. It is a fact that I accept.

I was close to a couple of police families who I would do anything for and I trust they would be there for me. This is not about any individual police officer and the daunting job they are tasked with. This is about policing and the criminal justice system that treats people of color differently to the point of people reporting not feeling safe in their own homes, in front of their homes, in a car, in a restaurant, in a hotel…

The Antisemitism that led to the Holocaust did not start with the nazis. There are thousands of years of Antisemitism. The are hundreds of years of Racial Injustice. Slavery and the systems it affected are not gone. We only need to look at voter suppression as a process that though it is mainly nonviolent (the presidents call to “protect” the vote will no doubt lead to violence if heeded) is a continuation of Racial Injustice. Facts? Truth?

The Kentucky States Attorney gave a press conference yesterday that he said was based on the “truth and facts”. Didn’t seem to me that is true. Certainly the axiom of grand juries indicting a ham sandwich was not in affect. I am going to leave you to research the case further. I am going to give you some facts as I understand them. The warrant itself was tenuous at best as Breonna Taylor was never considered to have broken the law only an ex-boyfriend was. The state of ky offered the ex a plea deal to implicate Breonna Taylor which to his credit he did not take. The one count indicted was not even connected to Breonna Taylor’s death. It was for shooting into a neighbor’s apartment. One witness was taken as the truth over 12 others. The systemic breakdowns were not addressed. The attorney would not even give the demographic breakdown of the jury. Truth? Facts? Transparency?

A question I have in this case and others is why did the police not step back to assess the situation. Yes, they were shot at. Yes, it is also legal to protect your domicile which the shooter inside thought he was doing. Yes, it was the right thing to indict for shooting into the neighbor’s house. The concept of de-escalation allows for more information to be gathered and alternative methods to be used besides death/murder. In the neighbor’s a shot passed over a child. Did the officers who killed Breonna Taylor know who was in her house? Was there a child/children in the house. How do we allow/accept the bad decisions people make in what is understood to be dramatic situations?

Why does the press not ask questions about the system and what I think are pretty basic questions about the many deaths that were part of the founding of Black Lives Matter.

Why doesn’t the press ask about the damage done by systemic gambling disorder?

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