The Zenlessness of Youtube Ads

Alan Watts was an author, philosopher, student/lecturer of Eastern religions and philosophies. His most well known book was The Way of Zen. His writings are still relevant. His talks are all over youtube. He was a flawed brilliant man. He died at the age of 58 probably due to complications from his alcohol use. I recommend researching him.

I listen to his talk most nights for both his thoughts and because of the Chillstep musicical setting to many of his talks. I wonder as I have seen gambling ads on some of his youtube pages why gambling sites would advertise on his talks. At first glance it does not make sense that the ads would target spiritual, academic, searching, erudite minds. At second glance why not. Heck, I might not be erudite but I do listen for a reason and I am a person with a gambling disorder. And people who are searching might just be vulnerable to a self-soothing process that seems easier than working through Eastern ways. At the end of the day we come in all shapes and forms. The ads might not even be targeted they might be part of a saturation campaign.

A friend of mine who now follows the blog mentioned noticing the ads all over youtube. My guess is that after political ads gambling ads are one of the biggest revenue drivers for most media. So how can one stay away from them. We can’t. We can be aware of them, change the channel when we can, and monitor/be aware of when we are triggered by them.

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