Do No Harm: Part 7

The only harm I have done recently is my poor editing of the oped submission printed in the previous post, Do No Harm: Part 6. My hope is that will not be the reason it will not be printed though I accept that is a valid reason. I have no expectations that it will be printed due to other reasons that are probably valid to the papers rules such as my judgment of the White Sox and the State. I found writing the op-ed difficult with a word limit. I wanted to get a lot of info (I left out a lot more). I might not have been focused as I need to be if I want to get the word out to a larger audience. On the other hand, you might be the only audience that counts. I appreciate you reading the blog.

I do have an ask from you. Will you please give me feedback on the following; did the op-ed flow as a story, did you learn anything, if you knew the info do you think the op-ed would be beneficial to others who might know the info, was my use of numbers clear? And, anything else that comes to your mind.

I wonder if you have ideas for an op-ed.


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