Do No Harm: Part 5

When sports gambling was still illegal except for a few States professional sports leagues were against the legalization of widespread sports betting. When the Supreme Court legalized sports betting for all states the leagues started on their journey of monetizing the ruling. Some leagues would cut deals with legalized bookies while others wanted a cut of monies written into state laws, something that some would call an integrity fee or others seem to believe they deserved a cut because the gambling was derived from their “product”.

Once again, no mention of where the losses would come from, the gamblers directly and families/society indirectly. No cut was mentioned about for the gamblers/families/society.

As I mentioned in my previous post I was still watching the White Sox. No longer am I watching the White Sox. Between the ads for sports books and the use of gambling odds in the post game show (I have not watched the pre-game show) along with the raffles I am tired/disappointed that the White Sox are conflating the beautiful game of baseball and gambling for the want of monetization. When the time comes I will go watch high school baseball.

When the Murdoch’s bought the Wall Street Journal and Barrons I stopped reading both. I had a friend ask me why I would stop reading papers that I enjoyed and did good reporting. My belief was that the standards would not hold and at the end of the day I did not want to support the Murdoch empire. They certainly did not miss me. The White Sox will not notice I am gone. I am sure they didn’t when I went on strike after 1994 for 10 years. This is a difficult time to give up the White Sox. They are not the Go-Go Sox that I prefer but they are fun to watch when they lay off sliders out of the strike zone.

As with the loss of gambling in my life I will find, I will deepen other activities. Activities that are more beneficial to my recovery and my universe.

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