Do No Harm: Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 are chapters out of the Tao Te Ching which is believed to be written sometime around 500 B.C. I have read the book throughout most of my adult life. I will leave it to you to explore further. It is important for me to go to source material at times. I do not diminish the profound thinkers of the human condition who both use fancy words and share their paths/journeys in simple terms as I try to do at times when I am in relationship to others or when I write for myself.

I have been self-examining recently by both reading and self-reflection. The self-examination has been triggered by both external and internal events. It is hard for me to not be aware of local/national/world events and wonder where I fit in those areas. That sometimes feels like an exercise not real living because of my choices and privilege. Sometimes this blog feels the same.

One of the reasons I have chosen the theme of Do No Harm is that I wonder if I am in a debate (with myself at this point) where sometimes I use fancy words or ideas to manipulate. Am I making a narrow case without using the systemic lens I accuse others of not doing? Am I not showing compassion to those people? Am I using my voice with humility?

Without being a Sage, I wonder how one finds the way of Heaven to both help and not harm those who are taking money from people without (in my view) compassion or understanding and those being harmed.

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