“I Wish I Knew” Does Not Sound Plausible or Real to Me

Goodell, who claimed that he is “very comfortable” talking about race, said that when Colin Kaepernick and other players were peacefully protesting during the national anthem, he wish he knew back then “what was going on in the communities.” The quote is from an interview from a couple of days ago with Emmanuel Acho on his show, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.

Goodell is the commissioner of the nfl. He makes over $30,000,000 a year overseeing a multi-billion dollar industry. He works for almost exclusively white male billionaires. Some have seemingly questionable racist pasts (I am thinking of the late Jerry Richardson specifically). I am guessing he has had a quality education. He probably has a high cognitive intelligence. His statement from above tells me he probably has a low emotional intelligence; that he lives a privileged, unaware life without the curiousity or courage to live an examined life where he might have had a clue back when Colin first took a knee to protest systemic injustice and police brutality towards the Black Community.

I wonder when Gov Rendell, Gov Pritzker, Sen Bill Cunningham, Rep Bob Rita will say out loud that they wish they understood that the gambling proliferation they championed, in their addictive quest for money, was really a bad choice fiscally and, more importantly, that their decision cost individuals, families, society pain and suffering.

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