Fracking: Revisited-Revised-with Revulsion

Strong word revulsion. I just watched a movie, Rewind, about childhood sexual traumas. I think we all agree that would be filed under revulsion. I do recommend the movie as it was, in my opinion, courageous-heartbreaking-heartwarming-and there were changes in the justice system directly derived from the court cases in the movie that has lessened the trauma of children who have suffered sexual trauma. The director was one of the children (with his sister) whose story was told.

I want to revise the money lost by people with a gambling disorder and people at risk (sub-clinical). I mentioned in the original fracking blog piece that the State of Illinois (The State) took in revenue/losses from gambling in fiscal year 2019 of 1.404 Billion dollars. I did not mention that The State only takes in about 25% of the total losses. Between the State and gambling establishments (lottery, casinos, local video gambling, horses) there was


lost by gamblers. If we use the California Study numbers mentioned in the Fracking post at-risk gamblers and those with a gambling disorder lost about

$884,000,000 to $1,800,000,000

The revulsion is not only the money lost from the lives of individuals, families, society that has little value to society. In fact, if Grinols is correct we are not only losers socially we are losers fiscally.

I couldn’t link the following report so I am going to ask you to search for it if you are interested. There is an annual report on gambling in The State done by a group, Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability, that looks at a lot of financial numbers. In its 103 pages it does not speak to the State having any responsibility or accountability to its citizen’s welfare. Knowing myself how gambling affected my life, my families life, other’s lives…I feel revulsion reading the forecasting nonsense.

What about the money the State puts towards prevention/treatment for gamblers? That I do not feel revulsion about. That I feel sad about based on the States weak efforts to serve its citizens.

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